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Child Abuse Report Sparks Felony Arrest

Wikimedia Commons / Highway Patrol Images

Ryerson  Mugshot

Timothy Ryerson

A Washingtonville man was arrested last week, after threatening to harm an underage girl’s family if she did not expose herself to him online.

Timothy Ryerson, 21, was arrested by the Orange County Abuse Unit on Jan. 7, and charged with coercion, endangering the welfare of a child and the felony use of a child in a sexual performance. The arrest was made after a two month investigation, according to the New York State Police Department.

Police said Ryerson befriended the victim through social media over a year ago, using a fake name and picture. He then began to threaten to physically harm the victim’s parents and siblings if she did not expose her private parts to him. Fearing for the safety of her family, she complied.

The New York State Child Abuse Hotline was contacted after the victim disclosed information of the abuse to an adult. Ryerson and the victim have never met, according to police.

Ryerson was remanded to the Orange County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail, $60,000 bond, and an order of protection was issued on behalf of the victim.

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