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Washingtonville Goes Blue For Fallen Police Officers

A blue ribbon showing support for law enforcement officers is typical of the many seen in Washingtonville last weekend during the National Blue Balloon Launch in memory of the 129 fallen police officers killed in the line of duty nationwide in 2015. See page XX for story. (photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

By Eugenia Moskowitz 

A nationwide blue balloon launch was held on Jan. 17 in memory of the 129 law enforcement officers killed in 2015. In Washingtonville, blue balloons were launched around the village at 3 p.m.

Two balloons were let go in front of Betty’s Country Kitchen on Main Street in Washingtonville for detectives (posthumously) Wen-Jian Liu and Rafael Ramos, two New York City Police (NYPD) Department officers assassinated on Dec. 20, 2014, as they sat eating lunch in their patrol car in Brooklyn. While these officers were killed just prior to 2015, Betty’s owner Kevin Radday felt their murders represented the start of the “unprecedented number of attacks on law enforcement officers which took place throughout 2015 and unfortunately is still ongoing.”

“Unlike other line-of-duty deaths where officers were responding to crimes,” he said, “Liu and Ramos were assassinated solely because they wore NYPD uniforms. There continues to be anti-police sentiment throughout the country from a very vocal group which dominates the headlines. I believe the silent majority supports law enforcement officers, but sadly they don’t generate headlines or make the news channels.”

For the complete story read the Friday, Jan. 22 edition of the Orange County Post. 

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