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Cameron Declines Test, Future As Chief Unknown

A testing requirement threatens Daniel Cameron’s career as the city’s police chief. (photo provided)

Kennedy Calls Chief Search “Game Of Roulette”

 By Mark Gerlach

CITY OF NEWBURGH – The deadline to take a civil service exam for the police chief’s position has come and gone. Chief Daniel Cameron has turned down an open competitive test.

“I adamantly disagree with the fact that in order for an existing City of Newburgh employee to take a promotional civil service exam they must meet more stringent requirements than someone who has never worked for the city,” Cameron said in a statement. “I believe that this is irrational and contradicts the spirit of civil service laws. I refuse to set a precedent that hardworking, dedicated, proven city employees have their service time ignored.”

The test is scheduled for March 5, and the last filing date was Jan. 29. The salary for the job is listed as $113,245.

The civil service commission can offer Cameron a promotional test, Mayor Judy Kennedy noted in a telephone interview Wednesday. The possibility is unlikely, however, she said. The time Cameron has spent in the lieutenant role falls short of what’s needed to qualify for the promotional exam, according to reports.

The open competitive test is for external hires, compared to the promotional test, which is for internal employees, Kennedy said. Cameron has been on the city’s police force for about 19 years.

For the complete story read the Friday, Feb. 5 edition of The Sentinel. 

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