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Teri Richardson, Washingtonville High School’s library media specialist and Peer Tutoring Program coordinator, is flanked by seniors Sean Doolan and Emily DeJesus. “Sean and Emily were the program’s first tutors when we started in 2014,” Richardson said. “And now they lead the entire tutor training program.” See story inside. (photo provided)

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville High School and National Honor Society seniors Emily DeJesus and Sean Doolan announced the success of their school’s Peer Tutoring Program, an innovative agenda they helped spearhead in September of 2014 under the guidance of teacher Teri Richardson.

The Peer Tutoring Program is cutting-edge, DeJesus said, because it helps students struggling with certain subjects by pairing them with fellow students who, simply stated, “have been there.”

“Tutors are selected by their grades in the subjects they wish to tutor,” DeJesus said, “as well as by teacher recommendations, work ethic, reliability, availability and demand for that subject.” She explained that experienced tutors instruct new tutors by showing them how to manage disruptions during a tutoring session, how tomeet the attitude of the student being tutored and how to facilitate the friendliness or approachability of both student and tutor. Available technology consists of Castle Learning, Bozeman and Quizlet.

Experienced tutors also show the newer ones how to gauge personality and learning styles whether physical/kinesthetic, visual, linguistic, or combinations thereof.

For the complete story read the Friday, Feb. 19 edition of the Orange County Post. 

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