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Town Board, Residents Mull Over Ward Voting Switch

Members of the Kiryas Joel Committee for Peace and Harmony stood along the back wall of Blooming Grove Town Hall during a lively Feb. 24 meeting, where discussion focused on whether to form a committee to research a ward voting system. (photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The biggest item on the Town of Blooming Grove’s Feb. 24 meeting agenda was whether or not to form a committee to research the pros and cons of a ward system, and if ward voting would help prevent the threat of special-interest groups bloc-voting council members onto the town board.

Most residents at the meeting felt it would be OK to approve the research committee. However, residents believed the committee should be an unbiased one, and not “hand-picked” by Supervisor Robert Fromaget, who introduced the ward idea in January.

Councilmember Mark Levy made public his research on wards (available online at and is against them. Wards would better suit heavily-populated cities, or more rural areas, according to Levy.

Resident Sonia Ayala asked for a committee that would: “reach out to the towns that have wards, speak to police chiefs, fire chiefs and school superintendents (to) see what the pros and cons are.”

“We all have a stake in our community and school district and I feel special interest groups have less chance of bloc voting if we remain a united town of 18,000 instead of smaller wards of approximately 4,500 (with 4 wards) or 3,000 (with 6 wards),” said resident Matt DeRosa, founder of the group United South Blooming Grove. DeRosa doesn’t lean toward wards, but felt an unbiased committee would be warranted, he said.

For the complete story read the Friday, Feb. 26 edition of the Orange County Post. 

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