The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Robbery Spurs Chaos

In the ensuing traffic confusion after the Dunkin Donuts in Washingtonville was robbed this week, three cars, including an Orange County Sheriff’s vehicle, were involved in an accident. (photo by Mary Hyde)

By Eugenia Moskowitz

An armed robbery at the Dunkin Donuts on West Main Street in Washingtonville led to a closure of the center of town and a half-hour lockout at all five Washingtonville schools this week.

Village of Washingtonville Police Chief Stephen Bogert stated that an armed male, about 6 feet tall and wearing an Iron Man mask, walked into the Dunkin Donuts and demanded money from both main and drive-thru cash registers on March 2 at 11:47 a.m.

The employees complied, filling the bag he provided with about $1,100. The suspect fled through the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church toward Route 208 where he entered a waiting four-door black sedan driven by a female and escaped north on 208 toward Hamptonburgh.

Customers at Betty’s Country Kitchen next door to Dunkin Donuts said they saw people running out of the donut shop as state, county, town and village police responded to the scene. An Orange County Sheriff’s car was T-boned at the village’s main intersection and struck a car driven by a 19-year-old, as fire police were diverting traffic around the center of the village. Traffic was tied up for about an hour. No injuries were reported.

For the complete story read the Friday, March 4 edition of the Orange County Post. 

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