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Dubaldi Admits Stealing More Than $120,000

Carmen Dubaldi. (photo provided)

By Mark Gerlach

Carmen Dubaldi entered a guilty plea on April 13 in Orange County Court to three counts of grand larceny. Despite having embezzled more than $120,000, prosecutors are recommending a sentence of five years probation.

Before Judge Edward McLoughlin, Dubaldi, 48, admitted to embezzling more than $120,000 from the campaign accounts of former Orange County Executive Edward Diana, Senator William Larkin and Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt. Dubaldi worked as campaign treasurer for the politicians.

Between Jan. 2008 and June 2015 Dubaldi is said to have siphoned about $90,000 from Diana’s campaign account, about $28,000 from Larkin’s campaign account and about $3,000 from Rabbitt’s account. The irregularities were noticed in the bank accounts in late 2015, according to a press release from Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright’s office.

“Mr. Dubaldi has betrayed the public’s trust and should be punished to the limit of the law,” Brian Maher, a spokesperson for Larkin, said. “Senator Larkin remains confident in our criminal justice system and believes that the judge will deliver an appropriate punishment.”

For the complete story read the Friday, April 15 edition of The Sentinel. 

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