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Search For New City Manager At Impasse

Daniel Case / Wikimedia Commons

By Laura Giner Bair

City Manager Michael Ciaravino’s contract with the City of Newburgh has expired, but he’s staying put, at least for now.

The council hit a roadblock. Approximately 25 resumes have been received by the Department of Civil Service in response to a posting for the city manager position, Councilwoman Cindy Holmes said. Only three city council members have indicated an interest in reviewing them.

Since the city’s bylaws require a vote of five-to-two to oust a seated city manager, Ciaravino isn’t going anywhere unless he chooses to do so, or unless there’s a shift in thinking among at least two council members.

This would make five council members in favor of reviewing the resumes, interviewing, agreeing upon a candidate, and then voting to remove Ciaravino from his position. The current leaning is four-to-three to keep Ciaravino as city manager. Unless two of the four council members now in favor of Ciaravino staying in his position switch their stance, ousting Ciaravino cannot happen.

The posting for a new city manager was the result of a four-to-three council vote in Nov. 2015 that followed a heated discussion to begin the search for a new city manager. At the time, two council members, Cedric Brown and Gay Lee, urged the council to move in the direction of finding a new city manager. These two council members have been replaced by Hillary Rayford and Torrance Harvey. The invitation to submit resumes for the position was open from Dec. 2015 through Feb. 29, 2016.

In the city manager role, Ciaravino is the city’s chief executive officer. He’s responsible for the oversight of city government, employees, and the budget.

For the complete story see the Friday, June 3 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post.

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