The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Lake Anne Proposal Discussed Further

By Eugenia Moskowitz

The large high-density housing development proposed for the former Lake Anne property was further discussed at the village meeting, which was also attended by most of the board members of the Town of Blooming Grove. Mayor Rob Jeroloman explained the history of the property from the 1960s to the present and tried to reassure residents that the proposal by developer Simon Gelb has so many things legally wrong with it that the chances of it going anywhere are slim.

This reassurance focused on the developer’s quest for water on the property, and that the depths to which many of the approximately 30 test wells have been dug, some to as deep as 900 feet, have potentially dangerous geological and hydrogeological consequences, which are so complicated for the layperson to explain that the board did not wish to attempt to do so on-record without the hydrogeologist present. The board did state that virtually the whole of South Blooming Grove’s water depends on one giant aquifer and that any wells dug will pull from that single source, affecting all area wells by, among other things, dangerously lowering them. Digging down to 700 feet has not only made springs go dry but seriously affects the water table’s ability to come back to the same level. Digging to 900 feet results in dangers to the area’s very geologic structure.

Sewage for the massive development of 600 plus attached houses, each with accessory apartments, would be dumped into a tributary of the Moodna Creek, a main source of water for residents in Washingtonville. The traffic caused by at least 1,500 additional cars on area roads, especially Routes 208 and 94 which are already clogged with traffic and particularly vulnerable to vehicular fatalities, must be mitigated at such huge costs that even the casino which had scoped out the area two years ago did not seriously consider it.

For the complete story see the Friday, June 24 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post.

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