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Vern Allen Park Debate Continues

Vern Allen Park, at the corner of Route 94 and Ahern Boulevard in Washingtonville, contains an old roller hockey rink in disrepair. How the village can bring it back to life is in discussion by the board. (photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

By Eugenia Moskowitz

“Vern Allen Park is one of our few spaces that’s not sports-specific,” Washingtonville Mayor David Heintz said about the area at the corner of Ahern Blvd. and Route 94, which houses a weather-worn roller-hockey rink and which the village board is trying to decide what to do with. “We’d like it to remain a park for people of all ages to use in a wholesome way.”

Debate over the future of the park comes at the same time the future of Mays Field, home of Washingtonville Little League (WLL), is unclear. Since being flooded with six feet of water during Hurricane Irene five years ago, NY Rising has studied how the Moodna Creek flows and may reincorporate the creek back into two baseball diamonds, actually landfill, thereby reducing Mays Field by half. WLL has wanted to find a less flood-prone home that won’t be reduced in size. While that search continues, one place to have its youngest members learn tee-ball, which doesn’t require a baseball diamond, would be Vern Allen Park, president of WLL Rick Budakowski said. He also said girls’ softball is growing out of its current Woodfield lot.

Single-use recreation facilities such as roller skating, handball, and racquetball courts are examples of huge concrete slabs that often become derelict and attract hanging-out when they wane in popularity, Heintz said. “We want something in the village that the whole community can use. Basketball courts are not favored as they are a noise problem for local residents, and there are already courts near Mays Field. Portable shuffleboard courts are a cost-effective idea for seniors, and a dog run is an idea that’s been tossed around for the past five years.”

To read the full article see the Friday, Sept. 9 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post. 

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