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An Interview With… Leonard Golino, Entrepreneur, Private Investigator

Leonard Golino. (photo by Mark Gerlach)

By Mark Gerlach

Ever since he was a child, Leonard Golino wanted to be a police officer. After a long NYPD career, the New Windsor resident now operates his own private investigation firm, is a consultant for TV news and published a book.


Leonard Golino. (photo by Mark Gerlach)

After graduating the police academy, Golino joined the NYPD in the mid-1980s. He worked in the Bronx, first for the 49th Precinct and later for the 52nd Precinct. Golino started as a patrol officer answering radio calls and retired as second-grade detective. During his career, he was a member of the quality of life, robbery investigation, anti-crime and homicide units.

One case that stands out in his memory involves a 14-year-old girl who was murdered doing laundry for her mother in a tenement building. The incident was about a decade-old cold case when Golino picked it up. He met with victim’s family, who was crying when he paid them a visit because, by a strange coincidence, he visited them on the girl’s birthday, and the family had just returned from the cemetery. After the visit Golino vowed that he’d solve the crime, he said. He eventually tracked down a suspect, who was incarcerated for another crime. The suspect confessed, and the investigation, which lasted about 1.5 years, came to a close.

“I didn’t get paid extra, it’s just the right thing to do,” he said of the substantial amount of work involved in solving the case. “We would speak for the dead when we’d go to the crime scene.”

To read the full article see the Friday, Oct. 28 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post. 

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