The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

“Where Is Our Missing Trustee?”

Matthew Raymond / Wikimedia Commons

By Eugenia Moskowitz

For almost three months, Village of Washingtonville Trustee Tom Murray has not come to village meetings. At the Nov. 15 meeting, trustee Joe Bucco said: “The village is coming to a halt because someone the village elected is not here to vote on decisions.” Murray’s absence often brings the now four-member voting board to a two-to-two stalemate on resolutions.

Resident Sean Haggerty said: “We the public have to state our address whenever we speak. Does Murray even live in the village?” Other residents stated it’s “preposterous” that nobody can locate Murray. “Is this one of Washingtonville’s famous no-show positions?” one resident asked. Mayor Heintz said, “We can’t discuss it at this time as it’s a personnel matter. Proper legal procedure must be followed and that is currently being done.” To which Bucco said, “If he’s not present, we should hold back his stipend.”

Trustee Ed Figueroa said: “We need to hold off until we speak to an attorney.” Haggerty said: “Murray did this years ago the last time he was on the village board. He was asked to leave, and he left. Now he’s back as a no-show. Has he done anything regarding the committees that he’s on?” To which Heintz replied, “No.”

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