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Beaver Dam Lake PFOS Contamination Meeting Rescheduled

Alex Anlicker / Wikimedia Commons


By Mark Gerlach 

A Department of Environmental Conservation meeting about perfluorinated compound sampling in the Beaver Dam Lake District has been rescheduled for Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Washingtonville Middle School Auditorium, located at 38 West Main St.

The meeting was originally scheduled for Jan. 24, but canceled because of bad weather. The public is invited to attend the meeting.

Research and sampling is being conducted to determine if chemicals, such as PFOA and PFOS, are effecting drinking water in the Beaver Dam Lake area.

State Department of Health and DEC personnel are scheduled to attend the meeting. Residents can call the Department of Health to determine if their well is in an affected area and request a free well water test by calling 518-402-7880.

The chemicals were found in sampled Beaver Dam Lake surface water and tributaries in June. However, the lake isn’t used for drinking water. Water sampling of private wells in the area has been ongoing. Recreational use of the lake is all right, according to the DEC.

To read the full article see the Feb., 3 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post.

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