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Patrick Davis Endorsed by Latino Dem Committee

Patrick Davis with Latino Supporters

Pat Davis Accepts Endorsement By the Latino Dem Committee of Orange County

The Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County (LDCOC) has announced that it has endorsed candidate Patrick Davis for Orange County Executive. As an organization that prides itself on promoting Latino participation in government and civic affairs, with a strong track record of engagement in the community, the support is truly humbling for Davis.

“We need to be building bridges, not walls. I am truly thankful to have the support of an organization that epitomizes these ideals—the Latino community is critical part of the fabric of Orange County.” Davis continues, “While in the Army, I served with men and women of all different backgrounds. We all swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, so those differences didn’t matter at all. What brought us together and what we were trying to accomplish were what made us strong.”
In addition to encouraging increased civic participation among Latinos, the LDCOC is critical to empowering community involvement and furthering education in order to build coalitions of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.
“The Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County is proud to endorse Patrick Davis to be Orange County Executive. Pat has served his country on the battlefield and is now ready to serve as a leader in county government.


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