The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

W’ville Homecoming Win


Washingtonville Homecoming Win!


By Eugenia Moskowitz


It was Wizard madness at the Washingtonville High School football field on Oct. 7 as the Wizards won their Homecoming game against Valley Central by a score of 31-27. This year, the Wizards Touchdown Club organized its first annual community tailgate party before the game with food, refreshments, spirit wear, boy- and girl-scout projects, and other tables highlighting community activities, sport groups, and other organizations. Student council members tied blue and gold balloons all around town, including onto each scarecrow currently decorating the village along Main Street for the harvest season.


Graduating senior cheerleaders and football players entered the field accompanied by their families at the traditional pre-game walk-in to huge cheers from the fans in the bleachers. And after the colors were brought in and the national anthem sung, the Wizard flags were run across the field and the game was afoot.


The Touchdown Club of football and cheer parents and supporters continues its tradition of “flocking” people’s lawns with pink plastic flamingos to support the club’s activities. The flock is placed on a lawn under cover of darkness and the resident asked to pay it forward to have the club transfer the flock to another house of the resident’s choice. There was a brief hiatus in mid-September when the flock was stolen, but it was quickly replaced with a new flock donated by Betty’s Country Kitchen owner Kevin Radday, and the flocking has continued uninterrupted ever since.




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