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Beaver Dam Lake Suffers Sewage Spill


Beaver Dam Lake Suffers Sewage Spill of Approximately
30,000 Gallons

On October 12, the Town of New Windsor reported to NYSDEC a sewage spill as the result of a break in a 6 inch pressurized sewer main owned by the Town of New Windsor. The discharge continued. at approximately 250 gallons per minute for 2 hours (which translates to a total of 30,000 gallons). However, this amount is only an estimate and could change since the duration of the spill now appears longer than the 2 hours reported.

Sewage from the break at the intersection of Oak Drive and Maple Avenue flowed down the roadside storm drain along Maple Avenue which leads directly into the lake at Reserve #3. Liquid from the break could also be seen for several hundred feet along Shore Drive *Repair crews under the control of the Town’s sewer system operator (Camo Pollution Control, Inc) also deliberately pumped raw sewage directly into the storm drain on Maple Avenue and made no attempt to prevent sewage from entering the lake.* They also made no attempt to disinfect or otherwise address the potential health hazard associated with sewage residue along the affected roadways nor at the storm drain discharge point on Reserve #3. Management from CAMO refused the professional courtesy to discuss the situation with Lake District management as of the time of this email. In past years, CAMO has been called to task by the Lake District for downplaying the significance of potential health hazards associated with sewer overflows.

The pipe that broke was installed approximately 30 to 35 years ago, is owned by the Town of New Windsor and carries all sewage generated from the Cornwall and New Windsor sections of Beaver Dam Lake to the New Windsor sewer collection system which then carries it to the New Windsor Sewer Treatment Plant on Caesars Lane near Route 9W.

The situation was discussed with senior management at CAMO Pollution Control this afternoon and we anticipate meeting next week to review possible solutions to better monitor and address future malfunctions. Sewer system malfunctions can and will occur with municipal systems just as
they can occur in a home. While it may be impossible to avoid all malfunctions, the appropriate level of response and actions taken to minimize environmental and health impacts to our community and lake are expected to be addressed in a timely manner.

Anyone who may have noticed liquid accumulating at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Oak Drive or at Maple Avenue and Shore Drive on October 12th is asked to respond to this email so we can establish a more accurate timeline of this situation.

Over the past few years, overflows from New Windsor sewers into Beaver Dam Lake have been confirmed on Lake Road near Valley Drive, Lake Road at the stream near Park Road and on Lakeside Drive. Several residents have also provided unconfirmed reports of discharges near the shore behind the homes along Beaver Brook Road. Anyone with information concerning other problem locations is asked to provide details by return e-mail.

Residents should immediately report any overflow as follows:
New Windsor Sewer Department – 845-561-2550.If no answer, call New Windsor Police at 845-565-7000 For Cornwall residents call Cornwall Sewer Department – 845-534-7994 If no answer, contact Cornwall Police at 845-534-8100 NYSDEC Division of Law Enforcement Hotline – 1-844-332-3267. Be sure to ask for spill report
Edited and condensed report by Lawrence Rossini, Chairman Beaver Dam Lake District Board





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