The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Town of Blooming Grove News Update

By Edie Johnson
This week’s Town Board Workshop finally resolved the longstanding issue of abstracting the new code for community solar applications and officials also announced that the so-called Non-Nuisance Light Industry portion of the new Comprehensive Plan is also ready to be instituted. Board members will present these new regulations at next week’s public session, after which the several applicants for community solar will be allowed to submit their formal applications and begin proceedings as long as the certify that they will comply with any changes that occur while the rest of the Comprehensive Plan is being finished. Solar will not be permitted in any areas of a Ridge Overlay District. The board will decide this week whether to disallow solar in any of the remaining overlay districts. Tree cutting will also be restricted. Board officials were asked to submit any other requests by the end of this week so the resolution will be ready by Tuesday’s session.
Digitizing of town records is being explored for the large amount of town records that the building currently stores. This week the board members were offered a webinar session about how the digitizing process works, and the Town of Chester which has already digitized many of their records has offered to give tips on how it is done and who to contact.

The proposed expansion of the current Town Hall has been put off for consideration by the new board to take office in January. Other items have also been postponed, such as a categorizing scheme for which roads might be limited to local traffic or specific tonnage. The town’s budding Lacrosse team is also opting to postpone development of their new field. Members decided that with the relatively elaborate and expensive plan that was being developed, they were not comfortable with the expense unless they would have exclusive use of the field. They would like to try for a new and less ambitious plan that will be less costly, but because seeding would have had to have been done by now for the field to be ready by next Spring, they may once again be faced with no soccer field of their own.

Trash bids are going to be re-bid, with board members agreeing that because of several complications the resulting process was unfair. After the first round of bids, County Waste’s bid became public when, a preliminary decision was made that the difference in bids between County and Interstate Waste Services was not large enough to justify the hassle of making a change. IWS objected, saying that their bid was lower and should be considered, and meanwhile many in the public remarked that what seemed like a small difference per house would actually amount to over $70,000 town wide. A rebid did not include clear specification on the tote cost portion, and this week’s board decided that a third try would be the charm. Final bids are expected back within two weeks.

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