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Beaver Dam Spill Clean Thorough and Prompt



CAMO Pollution Control spoke with the Orange County Post this week about their cleanup efforts at Beaver Dam Lake after a sewage spill occurred on October 12.
New Windsor Wastewater Plant Manager, John Egitto described his department’s response as immediate and thorough. Egitto said that there was a 4″ crack in a coupling at the force main line. The break was at first believed to be a water main break. The contractor at the site, who worked for the Beaver Dam Lake Water Authority was able to work with CAMO Pollution Control and expedite the repair. Egitto said that when they arrived on site and discovered that it was sewage rather than water, he called his team. Upon initial notification of a break, the main pump station was isolated and tanker trucks were brought in to prevent overflows. Within two hours, all repairs were complete and the line was back in Egitto believes that because the seepage was coming from a crack the effluent was likely much less than original estimates. But because their reports need to be precise he hesitates to give an exact amount before their study is complete.

The line has been replaced and everything is now back in service, he said.

Ongoing Evaluation and Repair
Two years ago an I & I (Inflow and Infiltration) report was done to study ongoing inflow and infiltration issues. The study identified 20-25 sections in need of repair. Egitto said the replacement process has been ongoing since the problematic sections were identified.


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