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Blooming Grove Exempts Community Solar From Moratorium, But with Caveats


Community Solar Exempted From Blooming Grove Moratorium, But with Caveats for Overlay Protection Zones

Community Solar Projects Exempted From Blooming Grove Moratorium
By Edie Johnson

After many months of debate, the Town of Blooming Grove has decided that its solar code is close enough to be implemented that it is allowing several applicants to file their paperwork and start the process of planning their community solar projects. Final details that were discussed included acreage restrictions (10 acres required for a 1 MG system and 20 acres for a 2 MG system), and what kind of restrictions would be placed on overlay districts. The board decided to include Scenic Ridge Overlay, Scenic Gateway Overlays and Surface Water Overlays. Other overlay restrictions will be decided on a case by case basis depending on SEQRA review, and all will undergo viewwshed analysis.

Ground mount solar must have a 200 ft. setback from road and property lines.
An additional restriction was added that community solar installations must not be closer than 1/4 mile from each other.

The exemption from moratorium is effective immediately; however, applicants must submit letters certifying that they will abide by any additional regulations that are put in place between now and their final approval.
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Halloween Curfew:The town of Blooming Grove will have a Halloween curfew of Monday 7 pm to 6 am on Tuesday and Tuesday 7 pm to 6 am on Wednesday Nov. 1
164-Acre Annexation Appeal:

Supervisor Bob Fromaget said that he has still not heard any news about the 164-acre Kiryas Joel Annexation Appeal date, which was expected to take place months ago. Fromaget said he plans on calling Woodbury officials and they will contact the attorneys handling the appeal as to why the case is still not even on the Appeals Court’s docket.

( Photo by Scott Cavalari)


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