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Independence Party Leaders Assemble at Kaplan Hall to Endorse Anthony Tarsio, Candidate for Legislative District #4

Independence Party Leaders Assemble At Kaplan Hall to Endorse Anthony Tarsio Candidate for Legislative District #4

Newburgh, – State Vice Chairman of the NY Independence Party,Tom Connolly, stood with Orange County’s Legislative Independence Party spokesman, Michael Amo who represents County Legislative District #1, (Village of Kiryas Joel as well as parts of Monroe and Woodbury), and current District #4 Legislator Curlie W. Dillard stood at the SUNY Kaplan Hall entrance to make two announcements.

Dillard, who is stepping away from the Orange County Legislature where he represents the City of Newburgh and parts of the Town of Newburgh, not only eagerly threw his support to candidate Anthony Tarsio, Dillard changed his party in the mix. He announcied that he is leaving the Democratic Party to join the Independence Party. Dillard said he hoped that legislators would become more flexible about work better across party lines. He added “Newburgh is a unique city. It has been tackled by democrats, republicans, and everyone else. No one seems to be able to crack this nut.” He said he made the decision on October 11 “because of the values of the Independence Party and the things they plan to do.” He added, ” I am not saying that the Democratic Party does not have value, but it’s not valuable to me at this time.”

Connolly, having come down from Albany for the event, said “People are looking for an alternative, and we think they can find it in the Independence Party.”
Also present to show support was former City of Newburgh Mayor, Nick Valentine, who said that “Tarsio brings everything that is right to the legislature and I hope it will get Newburgh more recognition at the county level.”

Tarsio said that as a small business owner, he is proud of being able to understand what it takes to run a business. He is also a school teacher who instructs social studies and government, and he is a veteran.



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