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Argus Farm Owner Jeanne Ryan Goes to OC Jail But Later Released On Bond

Argus Farm Owner Jeanne Ryan Goes to OC Jail But Later Released On Bond
Led out in handcuffs after being indicted in the deaths of 9 horses and near starvation of another, Jeanne Ryan was back out within 2 hours on the option of $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond.

Within a few more hours the group “Justice for the Horses of Argus Farm” had posted hundreds of comments, mostly thanking the authorities, especially DA David Hoovler and the Hudson Valley SPCA for swift action.
The felony charges against her include “aggravated cruelty”, defined as actions carried out in a depraved or sadistic manner. Ryan has pled “Not Guilty” to all charges. If found guilty she could spend a year in jail and be prohibited from owning horses in Orange County.

An animal protection group called “Justice for the Horses of Argus Farm” has included people who have been driving by the farm site in recent months to do a quick check, from Gate Schoolhouse Rd adjacent to the site on Goshen farm, of the condition of several animals remaining on the premises. In recent days they have not seen horses outside of the barn and are concerned for their welfare, given the earlier deaths which appeared to have resulted from horses left locked in their stalls without feed. The resulting charges include 10 felony counts of cruelty to animals along with 10 misdemeanor counts of overdriving, torturing and injury.

The “Justice” group has now resulted in yet another group with the charge to convince lawmakers to “Update NYS Animal Cruelty Laws”. Orange County cruelty laws were in fact updated two years ago to increase fines and add possible prison time for felony abuse. But some gaps, they feel, still need to be addressed such as either supervision of animals under the care of a person under indictment or investigation for serious abuse, or removal of said animals unless a not-guilty plea is proven.


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