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Local Hero Returns Wallet, Gets Interviewed

Local Hero Returns Wallet, Gets Interviewed

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville third grader Frankie Burns became a hero when he found $2,000 in a wallet last week as he was preparing for a Gaelic football match in Yonkers, and returned the wallet to its owner. But he became a celebrity when News 12 Hudson Valley, and then New York City’s CBS and ABC, caught wind of the good deed and drove up to Washingtonville to interview him.

Frankie’s father, Frank, said the wallet contained a thick stack of $100 bills and had been dropped by its owner after an attempted mugging that didn’t quite get pulled off. Near where Washingtonville’s St. Brendan’s GAA team was having their match, an unknown assailant had tried to rob a man who took a baseball bat to the head in the process, landing him in the hospital for five days. The assailant fled the scene with the bat, and the victim dropped his wallet as he was being treated by emergency personnel for his serious head injury and taken to the hospital. Frankie’s dad found the owner, who said the money was going toward rent for the apartment he shares with his brother.

Grateful that Frankie located him and returned the money, the man gave Frankie a $100 reward for his good deed.

Known as a tight-knit town, Washingtonville residents, Frankie’s school mates, and friends of the Burns family were ecstatic to learn that the young local hero whose exceptional character they know well was being interviewed for a broad audience, said they weren’t surprised at his good deed, and would have expected nothing less.

CAPTION: Washingtonville eight-year-old Frankie Burns was interviewed for his good deed by a CBS reporter after school on Nov. 15 behind Betty’s Country Kitchen as his dad Frank, older sisters Kaitlyn and Kiera, and younger brother Colin watched . (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

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