The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

BREAKING NEWS: EXPLOSION AT COSMETICS PLANT IN NEW WINDSOR many injuries/burn victims airlifted to Westchester, 3 Alarm fire at Present.

UPDATE;  AT A PRESS CONFERENCE AT NEW WINDSOR TOWN HALL A massive presence of county and state officials reported there is one individual missing , numerous individuals thrown to the floor and miscellaneous burns and vapor inhalation, but to their knowledge no deaths.  Family of the missing individual has been contacted to try to affirm whereabouts.   State and county officials assembled

UPDATE:   A county “Shelter in Place Order”  in the New Windsor area of the Temple Hill cosmetics plant explosion was cancelled at approximately 1:32.   Area residents report very toxic smoke, and one saying:

“My friend is a fire fighter there and he said its very grim. Medivacs are
flying people to Westchester Fire and burn trauma and they have a
decontamination station set up as well as mass casualties area.”


BREAKING NEWS: An explosion and then a secondary explosion has occurred at a cosmetics manufacturing plant on Temple Hill Rd. (Verla) in the Town of New Windsor.
3 Fire Departments…..

AT 12:20 AN EMERGENCY “SHELTER IN PLACE” was just issued for residents in the area…..likely due to the possibility of further explosions.
There are multiple injuries ….nearly 80 being treated now and fire departments, ambulance and EMS is on the scene. Stay tuned for updates and full story later today in the Orange County Post…and updates as we receive them.


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