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Washingtonville Village News Update

Washingtonville Village News Update
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Commercial Vehicle Parking Law
The village of Waashingtonville passed a local law on Nov. 21 stating new regulations about commercial vehicle parking in the village. In areas zoned as residential, two commercial vehicles (or trailers) seven-and-a half feet or under may be parked on a driveway, and one commercial vehicle nine feet or under mat be parked in a garage.

Residents living next door to or near businesses with multiple commercial vehicles parked on their properties had complained about noise disturbances and the unsightly visual impact of multiple commercial vehicles in residential areas. Trustee Paul Lang said, “We’re trying to keep residential areas residential, not commercial with a whole bunch of business vehicles parked all over. We’re trying to clean up the village.” The law was implemented, Mayor Joe Bucco said, not to target a family business with, for example, a grown son or daughter living at the same residence with their own take-home commercial vehicle, or if a small business has two commercial pickup trucks or similar, but rather to focus on heavy commercial vehicles clogging up residential roads and driveways. “We are enforcing zoning; it’s not fair to someone living in their home to have commercial trucks parked all over the property next door.”

In addition, there are now increased fines for illegal overnight parking on village streets as well as during the winter months of Nov. 1-Mar. 31. “We don’t want people’s money,” Bucco said. “We want cars off the street so plows can get through.”

For what constitutes a commercial vehicle (i.e., axle and wheel specifics, commercial plates, etc.) please contact village hall.

Booster Pumps on Tower Hill Drive
Tower Hill Drive used to have a water tower, which was moved to Prides Crossing in 2003. However, according to the board the tower was not placed high enough for gravity to supply enough pressure to eight or 10 houses on Tower Hill Drive. Instead of installing booster pump stations, which were costly, individual booster pumps were installed in those homes. Currently, two of those booster pumps are no longer working properly and those houses suffer from extremely low water pressure. Papers drawn under past village boards reflecting the original agreement between the village and those houses regarding who maintains those pumps (homeowners or village) cannot be located. Therefore, the village board passed a resolution to treat the situation with the same expediency a broken water main to a house would be treated, and that the failing booster pumps should be immediately corrected by the village.

This and That
The Vern Allen Park committee on how to use Assemblyman James Skoufis’ grant money has been meeting and will present its plans shortly.
The new park taking shape on the FEMA lots across from the middle school will be named The Sewell Community Park at Washingtonville Green.
The budget process has started and a schedule of public hearings will be made public shortly. Please check the new, fully interactive village website, which is up and running with links for information as well as a YouTube channel where the public can view all village hall meetings:

The village has lent light towers to Taft Elementary School and the Country Kids Food Pantry. Parents attending one of Taft’s evening events said it was nice to be able to more easily find where their cars are parked.

The Washingtonville Police Department is getting $1,880 from Orange County to combat, via extra patrol, DWI during the crackdown time frame of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day and beyond. “This is at no expense to the village,” WPD Chief Brian Zaccaro said.

The plaque commemorating veterans of the conflicts in the Middle East is currently at the VFW and will be installed on the fourth memorial stone at the Veterans Memorial Park (across from Betty’s) shortly. Please see the VFW for details.

Residents questioned businesses’ tall polyester temporary sidewalk signs that flap in the wind, stating they are cheap-looking and an eyesore. Bucco said that will be addressed shortly.

Village hall is hiring Timeclock Plus Data Management (in Dallas, TX) to manage time and payroll for village hall, WPD, and the DPW. This will save time and money as currently village clerk Christine Shenkman spends Thursdays doing only payroll, and Zaccaro said WPD uses a dry-erase board for time management and he would like to see things modernized and done via smartphone.

A public hearing is set for Dec. 19 at 7:00 p.m. at village hall to discuss zoning changes to better secure the character of the village.

Orange County Lock & Door, a new locksmith, will soon be opening at a storefront at Center Square.

CAPTION: Washingtonville’s newest full-time police officer was sworn in on Nov. 21 at Village Hall. Officer Charles MItchell, standing with his family, first started in the NYPD, then worked for the city of Poughkeepsie before coming to Washingtonville. (Photo provided)


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