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New Cluster of Wells With PFOS Water Contamination Found in Town of Newburgh

New Cluster of Contaminated Wells Found In Town of Newburgh

At a November Town of Newburgh Work Session on November 27 it was announced that the DEC has uncovered additional groundwater contamination, affecting residential wells north of Washington Lake in the area of Coranas Lane.

In response to the discovery they have asked the Town of Newburgh to extend their water laterals so the homes affected can connect to municipal water as a precaution.
The DEC has already contacted homes with wells that are affected, but residents can also contact Town Engineer, James Osborne, if they are still concerned. He can verify if they are included in the involved residences.

Further investigation by the DEC indicated that water sources from Chadwick Lake and the Delaware Aqueduct have not been contaminated.

Just when a new filtration system with granular carbon filters is being readied for action to remove toxic PFOS/PFOA residue coming from Stewart AFB, it begs the question whether the City of Newburgh is ready to switch back to Washington Lake as a safe water source rather than stay with the Delaware Aqueduct until these lingering questions are answered. Some are pressing the City to hold off until a second filtration system could be installed AT Stewart to stop the contaminants at the source and prevent them from coming to Washington Lake in the first place. The newly found cluster in the Town of Newburgh also raises the question whether other clusters remain of wells with high levels of the toxic material. the City of Newburgh has also extended additional time for any residents wanting to have a blood test to determine personal impact. The DEC has vowed that it will continue testing as long as necessary to solve any and every part of the problem.

Residents were told that they will likely have the choice either of having the DEC hire a contractor to make the connection to the new lateral, or hire their own contractor and later be reimbursed by the DEC.

Its estimated that the new lateral lines will cost the town 5.8 million dollars and the resulting cost to homeowners to be approximately $0.825 per $1,000 of home value, which will amount to approximately $577.14 per year.

Construction plans for the new laterals are expected to go out to bid in late Spring of 2018.

Contaminated wells will have to be disconnected at the point of internal connection in each home to prevent cross-contamination with the town’s water system. The homeowner will have the option of deciding whether or not to cap their well.


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