The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead



The City of Newburgh has been awarded a $50,000 Urban Forestry Grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to revitalize trees and sidewalks along the South William Street block, from 9W to Walsh Rd. The “Greening South William Street” grant was applied for by the City’s Conservation Advisory Council (“CAC”). Without a doubt this area has needed aesthetic and environmental transformation for a long time. Presently this long block that runs along the City’s Recreation Department playing fields on the north side and the Newburgh Armory Unity Center on the south side, is bordered by tree stumps. It is heavily trafficked by vehicles and pedestrians who use both the Recreation space and the Unity Center. Thirty new trees will be planted in large 3 x 5 tree pits, replacing 21 damaged trees; damaged sidewalks will be replaced. A wide variety of trees have been selected for their urban reliability, low maintenance, and beauty in spring through the fall. The new sidewalk sections will incorporate structural soils that encourage tree root growth without damaging sidewalks. “Greening S. William Street is a quality of life project for this vibrant neighborhood. This new green corridor will imbue a sense of neighborhood price, while improving air quality and aiding in storm water management” says Deborah Dresser, co-author of the grant.

Community outreach and education is an important provision of the grant. The benefits of planting and caring for urban trees will be taught with the assistance of Cornell Master Gardeners and the Newburgh Armory Unity Center which hosts hundreds of resident of all ages in sessions in arts and culture and science.

The City of Newburgh loses more trees each year than it replants. This grant and other smaller grants have helped fill the gap. Donations for street trees can be made through the CAC website Citizens can help in the replanting of Newburgh by volunteering to plant and, most importantly, help in the maintenance of new trees. Trees are an essential part of urban infrastructure.


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