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Bishop Dunn Pre-K Kids Make Friends With Santa

Bishop Dunn Pre-K Kids Make Friends With Santa
By Edie Johnson

Bursting with joy, the youngest group of students at Mount Saint Mary College’s Bishop Dunn School experienced a surprise meeting with Santa Claus, and they could hardly keep their glee contained. Curious and bright, they wanted to know everything! One exclaimed “Can I touch your beard?”, to which Santa said “Sure”, as she squeezed the rich collection of cottony fluff. Another wanted to know about a lady they saw that they did not know, with a deep breath and wide eyes she said “Is that MRS. CLAUS?”.
Santa had a thick stack of white papers which he said were the lists of naughty and nice children. One girl exclaimed “I’m on the GOOD list.” But a young boy announced “My sister is on the BAD list.” After playing with Santa’s leather strip of jingle bells the group moved under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree while Santa invited them to ask whatever questions they wanted about him. When they had learned about the North Pole and Santa’s reindeer, first one and then all of the children chimed in that they wanted to be his Elves, and then all the children started giggling and chanting “We want to go to the North Pole with Santa, can we come with you Santa, pleeease!”
Each child was then given a small bag of goodies including a holiday ornament and bubble maker.
Their teacher, Mrs. Birnbreyer, said that this group of youngsters, about 5 years old and under, are the brightest that she has had in her many years of teaching. She added that they are also the kindest, and often want to do things for each other before they receive for themselves.
(Photos by Edie Johnson)

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