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Teddy Bears For Trauma by Newburgh Kiwanis & PetSmart

Teddy Bears For Trauma by Newburgh Kiwanis & PetSmart

What could be more comforting to a frightened child at an accident scene than having a policeman or fireman hand over a big fluffy Teddy Bear? Not much. That was the thinking of Newburgh’s PetSmart and the members of Newburgh Kiwanis, and they plan to share the Teddy Bears donated by PetSmart with area police, EMS and fire service men and women who are usually on a trauma scene within minutes.
For starters they will distribute the Teddys to Middle Hope Firehouse, Quassaick Firehouse, Vails Gate Firehouse, area Ambulance Corps/EMS Units, and St. Luke’s Hospital. Patrolmen will keep several in their vehicles to be handed out as soon as they arrive at an accident scene where children are involved.
Just how many Teddy Bears were donated for this very worthwhile cause? One thousand and eight hundred. Yup, that’s 1,800 Bears for scared kids to cuddle.
Pet Smart Manager, Diane Cordero, the Kiwanis group said, did a great job organizing the project.

1. Newburgh Kiwanis members gather to receive 1,800 Teddy Bears for traumatized children.
Frank Gubits, President of Newburgh Kiwanis, Brittani Turner of Newburgh Kiwanis, Jackie Dufresne, Kiwanis Secretary, John Martin, New Windsor Patrolman, and Lieutenant Robert Doss of the New Windsor Police Department

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