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Washingtonville Village News Update

Washingtonville Village News Update
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Mayor Joe Bucco started the Dec. 4 village board meeting by thanking the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce for organizing a very successful Christmas Parade this year. Added were North Pole festivities for children and a Holiday Marketplace created by Placemaking organizers, and extensive beautification by the Village Beautification Committee. He also thanked the Washingtonville and Blooming Grove Police Departments, the DPW, Olympic Electric, Anytime Electric, and especially Allen Gadsden, owner of Jay Cutz Barber’s Lounge, for his generosity in donating the space called The Lot for part of the event to take place for the children.

The village is currently working to acquire two dump trucks, two pickup trucks, one loader, and one backhoe for the DPW. Art Jeffries suggested erecting a steel building to keep any new machinery and motorworks indoors at the waterworks to prolong their lifespan. He also suggested using the tank at the DPW for collecting salty washwater from the vehicles which would be washed indoors. While trustee Tom DeVinko said there is a truck washer that can be used at Maybrook, Jeffries said that the past administrations took that out of the budget.

The board passed a resolution on Dec. 11 to purchase a new street sweeper, with Washingtonville as the custodian of the vehicle which will be used intermunicipally with the Village of South Blooming Grove (SBG) and the Town of Blooming Grove (BG).
A Washingtonville employee would operate the sweeper when called to SBG or BG and Washingtonville would bill those municipalities, which would provide their own traffic control if necessary. Each municipality would buy, own, and keep its own brushes as some areas with curbing require more use with curb brushes and others with no curbs put more wear and tear on straight roller brushes. Municipalities using the sweeper would pay a daily, not hourly, charge. Payment for any maintenance to the vehicle would be on a per diem basis with billing coming from all three municipalities.

The three FEMA flood lots across from the middle school, now called Sewell Community Park at Washingtonville Green, is in progress as a passive park with land leveled by clean fill from the wastewater treatment plant expansion and trees and shrubs donated by Trees For Tribs and planted by volunteers. While the village and Placemaking had both thought that post and rail or post and chain fencing could be erected, it turns out no fencing of any kind is allowed by FEMA, so the shrubs and bushes will serve that purpose.

To provide transparency and accessibility to those who cannot attend meetings, all meetings of the Washingtonville Village Board are videotaped and immediately posted on its website


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