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Kevindaryan Lujan Swearing In Ceremony

Kevindaryán Luján Talks of Newburgh as
The Orange County Gateway at Swearing in Ceremony

By Michael Lebron


Every New Year bring resolutions. They also bring swearing in ceremonies for new municipal, county and state officials.

Though the morning of January 2 was very chilly, an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 came out to see the inauguration of Kevindaryán Luján as the new Orange County Legislator for District 4.

The ceremony began with a prayer by Genie Abrams, a recently retired Newburgh City Councilmember, followed by a Color Presentation by the Newburgh Free Academy ROTC. After presentations by two regional historians, Christopher Eachus got up to talk about his years of public service and the pride he felt in nurturing and guiding Kevindaryán’s political ambitions before “pinning” him with the Orange County Legislative Pin.

Then mom — who with his grandmother was present, both immigrants from Columbia — took her turn at proudly introducing her son before the administration of the Oath of Office.

Reflecting his youth, Kevindaryán spoke of his hopes for a new generation: “Here in Newburgh, … the gateway to Orange County …our light is burning bright.”

He spoke to some of the challenges ahead: the security of the watershed; expanding transportation options for everyone, particularly for senior citizens; attracting sustainable development, especially tourism; and supporting housing that puts more of an emphasis on market-rate development while still addressing the continuing needs of low and middle income residents.

He bases much of his optimism on the recent energy of residents. He welcomed their engagement, citing their desire to help and be heard as a way keeping government accountable, transparent and on their toes, and looks forward to working with all of them on projects such as developing alternatives to housing projects that take too much wealth out of the city. “Newburgh must no longer be a doormat” he says.

To this end, he expects to host meetings every two months at a variety of locations throughout the district. “I will be turning to all of you for guidance, insight and support so that we can address the challenges together”, promising that “today marks the start of a new era for Newburgh, and a new chapter for Orange County, where we allow ourselves the dignity to be ambitious and bold”.





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