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Washingtonville Residents Shovel When Businesses Won’t

Washingtonville Residents Shovel When Businesses Won’t
By Eugenia Moskowitz
Washingtonville residents Cathy Acevedo, Rebecca Akers, Caryn Wendi, and Maureen DeVinko picked up snow shovels and shoveled walkways on the sidewalks in front of Dunkin Donuts and Subway on West Main Street on Jan. 8 as, they said, these businesses hadn’t shoveled at all, or hadn’t re-shoveled after plows had passed, and students walking to the middle school and high school were being forced to walk in vehicular traffic.

Acevedo was concerned these sidewalks had not been cleared despite threats of fines by the village. “Fining people helps,” she said, “but shame on them. We got it done, but hopefully next time they’ll snap to it of their own accord, for the safety of our children.” Clearing snow from sidewalks is the responsibility of homeowners and businesses, according to Village Hall, and while fines are now being imposed under Mayor Joe Bucco, some businesses still aren’t complying. Or, Acevedo said, only comply when called out on social media.

After this picture was taken, Dunkin Donuts gave the women a single cup of salt to spread, which brought looks of disbelief from the women, who then bought a bag of salt at Nailed It Hardware and used it after clearing a sidewalk on North Street.
CAPTION: Rebecca Akers, Maureen DeVinko, and Cathy Acevedo cleared the sidewalk in front of Dunkin Donuts and Subway in the village of Washingtonville on Jan 8.

(Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)


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