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Blooming Grove News Update

Blooming Grove News Update
By Edie Johnson

At the first full session of the Town of Blooming Grove’s new Town Board, a lengthy list of items and some discussion of issues of concern by residents were dispatched forthwith. Ongoing concerns about the town’s former waste disposal company, County Waste, picking up their totes as Interstate Waste Services takes over the service were again brought up, with many residents still managing 4 large bins, some in ditches and others still filled with trash as County Waste struggles to pick them back up while weather issues interfere. Supervisor Rob Jeroloman contacted the company’s CEO, telling him that the process was unacceptable since they had instructed residents they would be removed by January 1. The second significant snowstorm of the season may delay their removal for yet another week.

Highway Superintendent, Wayne Kirkpatrick reported that things are going well in the department, with the exception of some needed equipment repairs. An auto mechanic will be hired for the highway garage and will be able to handle some of those repairs in-house. He added that the department was kept busy by chasing ice and storms this month. A resident complimented the department’s thorough road cleanup during both storms, cleanup which allowed the evening’s meeting to be held.

The Supervisor noted that a review will be made of administrative compensations relative to other towns. At the same time these positions will be checked to determine that the qualifications for each position comply with state law.

Town Justice, Christopher Turpin, will be reimbursed for completion of the Justice Training Program for an amount not to exceed $1,500.

Town Hall was reserved for a Senior Citizen card playing group and also for some Girl Scout activities.

The Association of Towns held their annual meeting last week. Council members who attended will be reimbursed at a maximum of $700.

Planning Board Attorney George Strader was approved to have his position which was set at $185/hour acknowledged. The board is just acknowledging an amount that was approved last year.

The town is receiving and will be reviewing proposals for Engineering Services.
The town’s only Tax Assessor, Lori Coady, is resigning as of January 26, and the town is advertising for a replacement.

Council members were given an abstract of incoming credits and bills and outgoing payments.

Council member Tom DeVinko reserved use of the Blooming Grove Town Hall on Saturday January 27 from 10 to 12 noon in order to hold a Town Hall Meeting.

New York Rising Funds have been approved for several town projects including Mays Field Dam Removal and Streambank Restoration, Route 208 and Clove Rd. Intersection Improvements, and Washingtonville Culvert Improvements, notices for the projects to be printed in the Orange County Post and Times Herald Record.


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