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NFA West Student Creates Podcasts

NFA West Student Creates Podcasts During Internship

As part of the internship program at Newburgh Free Academy, West Campus, Jordan Patterson, meets with Dr. David Gallagher, Associate Professor of Education at Mount Saint Mary College to develop podcasts. The first few meetings consisted of critically listening to various podcasts, taking note of structure, interest, questions posed, and overall style.
“We really liked a podcast called Reply all. They’re younger co-hosts, but the podcasts are highly produced. They’re journalists in the tech space, so they look at technology in society and issues like hacking, but also phishing, which is helpful for everyone to know. They’re pretty humorous as well.” Dr. David Gallagher, Associate Professor of Education at Mount Saint Mary College.
When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Jordan responded, “I want to be a video game designer. I like working with technology. Because with games there are no rules. You can do whatever you want in the game and it’s fun – not boring at all.” Jordan is also enrolled in an App Development course with Ms. Jill through the Empire State After School Program.

NFA Jordan Dr. Gallagher Listening to Jordan's Recording

The Newburgh Futures Podcast series can be found at Each episode that goes out will have a title, short description, and available links that relate to the episodes, and different times where topics are discussed, so people can jump ahead if they wish, as well as a place for comments.


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