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Sugar Loaf TapHouse Opening in Spring

Sugar Loaf TapHouse To Retain Historic Ambiance of The Barnsider
By Edie Johnson
This month’s Planning Board Session in the Town of Chester was like a flashback to meetings of a decade or so ago which went on until 10pm. With the town’s moratorium now over, developers and businesses are eager to get moving with their plans.
January’s session brought good news about the former Barnsider Restaurant which has been shuttered for several years. Rumors about a re-opening became fact recently with Heather and Marco Solari bringing an application for some minor renovations and looking for architectural approval for the sign for their Sugar Loaf TapHouse. Every detail was designed to maintain the original look of the former beloved gathering place, including custom windows and an exact match for some of the siding which had become ‘overly weathered’.

The new owners have plenty of restaurant experience since they also own the Copper Bottom Restaurant in Florida, NY.

The Planning Board had plenty of other business to address as well, including the longstanding Baroda housing development planned for Blackmeadow Road which is edging toward final approval, an application to add Verizon tower capability to a water tank in Kings Estates, and a simple subdivision that turned out to be not-so-simple when neighbors stated concerns that the Brooklyn owner of 3 adjacent properties had sought easements from his properties, through the properties of his neighbors in order to access Goosepond State Park.

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