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Chief Douglas Solomon Pending Appointment as City of Newburgh’s Police Chief

The Orange County Post received this notice late Monday night regarding the appointment of Newburgh’s new Police Chief, Doug Solomon after last week’s announcement that the Civil Service Authority noted that their Orange County exam is slightly different in Orange County than the test he had taken in the past in Sullivan County, and he will therefore be required to take the Orange County test before his appointment can be called official. See update with full text and lists of his credentials in this week’s issue of the Orange County Post

Chief Douglas Solomon Pending Appointment as City of Newburgh’s Police Chief

Please be advised that we are in the process of offering the Newburgh Police Chief position provisionally to Chief Douglas Solomon. We are advised by our Corporation Counsel that the Civil Service decision simply means that Chief Solomon will be required to sit for the Police Chief Exam on an open competitive basis. Douglas Solomon, former Police Chief of the Village of Monticello has over seven years of experience as a Police Chief in the Village of Monticello and Beacon.

As the Police Chief of the City of Beacon, he was instrumental in the revitalization and renaissance which has occurred in the City of Beacon. Chief Solomon has extensive skills and experience in planning, organizing, supervising, directing and coordinating police  perations at all levels. He has worked in a jurisdiction with a great amount of diversity as well as serious socio-economic problems and has worked extensively with the NAACP,  the Monticello Housing Authority and the Community Progressive Response group in order to stabilize and address problems in the community as well as building relationships and trust with the police department. Among Chief Solomon’s many awards he has earned the honor and distinction of the Sullivan County NAACP.

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