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City of Newburgh Files Notice of Intent Against Multiple Polluters of Washington Lake

City of Newburgh Notice of Intent to File Civil Action
Against Multiple Polluters of Washington Lake

City Manager, Michael Ciaravino Gave Notice this week that the City of Newburgh has filed various legal notices to public and private entities regarding the contaminated water at Washington Lake. The intent includes actions against 10 entities, including:

1 – The NYANG (New York Air National Guard Base), including discharges, releases, spills or disposals of hazardous waste materials including PFC’s, PFOS either with a permit, without a permit, or in violation of a permit.
2 – New York State Department of Transportation
3 – Ports of Authority of New York and New Jersey
4 – A Citizens’ Suit against New York State
5 – The United States Air Force
6 – A Citizens’ Suit against the Department of Defense
7 – Federal Express Corporation
8 – A Citizens Suit against the United States of America via letter to President Donald Trump
9 – United States Air National Guard Bureau
10- National Express Group, PLC

These suits are being filed in accordance with the Resource and Recovery Act.

Newburgh City Manager, Michael Ciaravino also announced he is pleased that Newburgh’s new Police Chief, Doug Solomon began his first full day of work on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. He is spending his time finalizing his HR/ Payroll related paperwork and addressing other matters related to our process for hire. Ciaravino said he was looking forward to Solomon’s attendance at the City’s work session this week. Solomon is expected to take his Civil Service Exam in March.


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