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South Blooming Grove Cracking Down on Trash & Illegal Signs

Village of South Blooming Grove Cracking Down on Trash & Illegal Signs
Public Hearing Scheduled for March 12

By Edie Johnson

Three longstanding complaints by village residents were addressed at this week’s Village Board Meeting. Village attorney, Joe McKay and both this town border and last year’s as well have spent the better part of a year crafting some new rules designed to maintain the clean and neat appearance of village homes.

Trash Violations – Some new residents over the past two years have left piles of trash for weeks and months, and overflowing from dumpsters as well. Mayor, Jim LoFranco said they have asked Building Inspector Jeanne Ovensen to stay on top of this, and she has issued 32 violations. Because the process of bringing these residents to town court is both time consuming and expensive, the new process gives a violator 5 days to remedy. If it is not remedied they are then given a citation and must appear before the next Town Board Meeting. The board and residents alike hope that this stern reminder will have the same effect as last summer, when 62 home maintenance violations were issued, mostly due to lawns that were not being mowed and were beginning to become a possible health hazard. During the summer issue by the time the violators were required to appear before the board and residents, only 2 violations remained. Of particular concern are refrigerators that are being left for pickup with their doors left on. This is a serious health hazard for children playing, and anyone noticing them should contact the police and/or fire department for safe removal. Chief among the benefits of dealing with maintenance violations in this way is that it saves both time and money for the village and violators as well.

Illegal Signage – In the past few years temporary signs, both for businesses and real estate firms, have been left up for inordinate lengths of time. Permanent signage is legal only in commercial zones. Temporary signage (real estate sale, garage sale, election, business opening) is intended for a particular event. The new law would require all temporary signage to be removed as soon as the event is over.

In Other Business – The Village’s new website is up and running and is much more comprehensive, more aesthetic, and more user friendly. There are a few items that are still being “tweaked”, including posting of meeting agendas. These are difficult to update in a timely manner because many new items tend to be added the day of a meeting and others removed. Village Clerk, Kerry Dougherty said that the new website is however easier to use, and she expects updates to be able to be made in a more timely manner.

Check out the New South Blooming Grove Website:


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