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State of Emergency in Blooming Grove and Other Area Towns

State of Emergency in Blooming Grove and Other Area Towns
By Eugenia Moskowitz

After two feet of heavy snow had accumulated by Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and fallen trees and downed power lines cut electricity to roughly half the village of Washingtonville and other scattered parts of Blooming Grove, both Blooming Grove superintendent Rob Jeroloman and Washingtonville mayor Joe Bucco called a state of emergency for the area. The decision was made with input from the Blooming Grove and Washingtonville police chiefs, Blooming Grove highway supervisor, and Washingtonville DPW. Unless absolutely necessary, Jeroloman and Bucco asked that no cars be driven on the roads except emergency vehicles and snow plows. Phone calls, emails, social media posts, and text messages went out from the municipalities informing residents.

The City of Newburgh as well as other area towns and villages also declared states of emergency due to dangerous road conditions and downed lines.

There were no major incidents reported, and the state of emergency ended at 4:00 a.m. Thursday.

Early Tuesday evening, the Washingtonville Central School District called residents to inform them of the schools closing on Wednesday. Then, in the early evening on Wednesday, the call went out first advising of a 3-hour delay and, as power lines went down and the bulk of the snow accumulated at a rate of 2-3 inches per hour, calling back an hour later announcing a Thursday closure. Parents and teachers alike lauded Superintendent Roy Reese for making the early evening call on both days.

CAPTION 1: Downed power lines, such as this one which caused a fire by Washington Boulevard, took out power to roughly half of the village of Washingtonville. (Photo by Rich Calore Jr.)

Storm Possible Cover

CAPTION 2: A tree across Beattie Road in the town of New Windsor, with orange safety flares, stopped through-traffic. Similar downed trees and power lines cut power and cable/internet service, blocked roads, and reduced communication all over th

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