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Dartball World Series

Dartball World Series

Our 84th annual Dartball Banquet & World Series were held Saturday night at Moulton Memorial Baptist Church, a fine roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, plus great home- made pies & desserts were served to the 165 plus attending the event. Election of officers were as follows, President – Gary MacEntee, Vice-President, Ricky Sicina, Treasurer, Sam Yonnone, Secretary, Dick Coleman.

MVP awards – Flames, Rich Romano – Marlboro, Todd VanVoorhis – Little Britain, Joe Candela – Molton Memorial, Moe Morey – Crusaders, Fernando Mora – Crimson Knights, Lawrence Picard – Guards, Ryan Griffiths – Balmville/Latt, Brian Johnston – Gardnertown, Jake Milike – Bethlehem, Dave Robertson – Warriors, Drew McCambridge – Rec-King Crew, Al Lewis.

50/50 drawing – $75.00 – Bill Lewis $50.00 – Gabby Fazio $25.00 – Drew McCambridge $25.00 – Colleem Bailey – $25.00 – Dave Milligan.

Hall of Fame award. One of the highlights of the evening was Chris DiCesare, Hall of Fame chair person, announcing that Chris Ruggerio from Gardnertowm, was voted into Hall of Fame this year. he is the youngest person ever inducted into the Hall of Fame at 23 years of age, Chris Ruggiero gave a speech from his heart that spoke volumes of his character and maturity as we have watched him grow from a nice young boy to a solid first-class man right before our eyes..


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