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Nirvana Soccer Goes to Chile!

Nirvana 360 Soccer Goes to Chile!
By Nirvana coaching staff and Eugenia Moskowitz

With more young athletes in the U.S. playing soccer than ever before, many work hard and train to reach the next level of their game. For the Nirvana 360 FC Boys U18 City Premier soccer team, they not only share the love of the game but also a desire to play at the highest level. And on Mar. 22, the boys U18 soccer team traveled to Santiago, Chile, to train and compete against two of Chile’s competitive academy teams.

BU18 City players from different area towns began their soccer journey together last year under coach Victor Tobar Sr. (Orange County Community College’s DIII men’s soccer team) and the leadership of captains Matt Earley and Ryan Asch. The team developed a rhythm quickly and bonded right away. With the addition of three impactful players from Cornwall, they set their sights on international competition and traveled to Santiago for 11 days to train and compete against BU18 Chilean Academy soccer teams, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with tremendous benefits for the players including playing some of Chile’s best soccer players in their age group, exposure to another culture and foreign language which they study in school, and international soccer training and competition abroad to accelerate personal growth. Coaches believe the athletic and cultural experience will have a positive influence in the advancement of their soccer careers as they play in college and beyond. They said international travel instilled a sense of independence and pride in the boys and that they will be returning home after Easter weekend with a deeper understanding of soccer and an appreciation of the unique differences of another culture.

Coach Tobar hosted the boys in his family home in Laguna Zapallar as they competed in a futbolito tourney held at the Domingo Santa Rosa School. Then, after a weekend of sightseeing in Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar, they traveled to Santiago where they played at Estadio Centenario Cabildo and Universidad de Chile. They trained at Club Palestino, rich in soccer history, and had the opportunity to attend a Colo Colo game, a Chilean team which brings special meaning to the Tobar family as both Coach Tobar Sr. and his son, director of Nirvana 360 Boys program Victor Tobar Jr., both played professionally for the organization.

The boys U18 Nirvana 360 City team: Brenden Ingber (Goshen), Jackson Fedro (Cornwall), Jared Godwin (Wallkill), Luciano Crimi (New Paltz), Matthew Earley (Marlboro), Justin Smith (Wallkill), Robert Kuhn (Newburgh), Sean Quinn (Washingtonville), Aiden Burns (Cornwall), Lucas Smith (Wallkill), Sean O’Neill (Cornwall), Matthew Randazzo (Goshen), Ryan Asch (Marlboro), Daniel Israel (Mahopac), Daniel Tricomi (Cornwall), Dylan Turcott (Washingtonville), Mason Rickli (Washingtonville), and Dean Clarke Jr (Wallkill).
CAPTION : The team on the field.

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