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Washingtonville Farmers Market Approaching

Washingtonville Farmers Market Approaching
By Eugenia Moskowitz

As maple sugaring season came to a close, Washingtonville teenager Trinity Gross tapped the last of her grandfather’s maple trees at his farm in anticipation of bringing her Sugar Trins maple syrup and her family’s Niese’s Honey back to the Farmers and Artisans Market of Washingtonville (FAMW). “It was a weird season weather-wise but we made it work,” her father Andrew Gross said. “Between she and her Papa Glenn, they made more delicious syrup for everyone to enjoy.”

Placemaking organizer Maaike Wiegman-Leavey said, “The farmers market committee is looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of our customers and vendors. We’re also looking forward to the market being bigger than last year. This is the market’s second year and we’re excited for what’s in store for vendors and the local community. The season will begin on June 3 and end on Oct. 28, and will run on Sundays from 10am to 2pm at the parking lot on Main Street in Washingtonville, across from Betty’s Country Kitchen.”

What’s different this year? “Greater effort in promotion and marketing,” Wiegman-Leavey said. “We’re located in a beautiful area with a big demand for local produce, meats, dairy, and artisan products. The public can always help us spread the word by sharing our social media posts and, if you’re a vendor, helping us advertise your products. Together we are making this market grow. The FAMW is run by the FAMW Committee of Washington Placemaking, a dedicated group of local farmers and artisans committed to bringing healthy and quality food and crafts to Washingtonville, and we’re eagerly looking forward to the season.”

To get involved, there will be a FAMW “meet-and-mingle” on Apr. 18 at 7pm at Betty’s Country Kitchen, where the FAMW committee, existing vendors, and potential new vendors can meet, ask questions, and exchange thoughts and ideas for the season to come. Registration applications will start being processed on Apr. 30. Go to the “Farmers and Artisans Market of Washingtonville” Facebook page to contact the committee with any questions or to request an application.

CAPTION: Trinity Gross, in stylin’ pink hunting camo, tapped her grandpa’s maple trees shortly before the sugaring season ended. Her family’s maple syrup and honey will be back at the Farmers and Artisans Market of Washingtonville this year. (Photo provided)


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