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Hurry Up and Pack Abby! Cimorelli Can’t Wait to Meet You!

“Hurry Up and Pack Abby! Cimorelli Can’t Wait To Meet You”
By Edie Johnson

The group assembled at Washingtonville High School’s Music Classroom was tense while waiting, hoping their surprise for Abby Dougherty would be spectacular She had no clue what was about to happen, but this event organized with the Make-A-Wish Foundation had been in various stages of planning for awhile. The messages scrawled by her classmates, family, friends, teacher, and vision counselor were a pretty clear indication of the love and admiration they have for her. Reading the big streamer, “Abby, get packed, Cimorelli can’t wait to see you!” said it all. Make-A-Wish was going to send Abby in 2 days to see her favorite music group in Nashville.

Being vision-challenged, and having a tough year of cancer treatments, listening to music and attending her class with her music teacher, Mr. Wurster, are clearly important parts of Abby’s life. But it was obvious from both her reaction and the room full of alternately weeping, laughing and jumping-in-joy friends that their affection was as much a part of her joy as the trip is going to be.

Abby sees signs2

Abby w friends

With Cimorelli’s music playing in the background, the group of about 20 teens could not resist breaking out some dance moves as the tunes played on and on. After the Make-A-Wish team described how wishes are granted, each attendee was given a black tee-shirt with big gold script saying “All About Abby”.
Now that her cancer treatments are over, her pretty brunette hair is growing back in, and there is a big smile on her face, the only medicine Abby needs besides some regular check-ups is a trip to Nashville and a music session with her ‘faves’. Mom, Kerry Dougherty who is Village Clerk in the Village of South Blooming Grove, will be making the trip with Abby, so stay tuned for their trip pictures. And check out Cimorelli’s music online… maybe you’ll become a fan too!
Abby music teacher

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