The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

New Flagpole/Monument Base Contributed by Vail’s Gate and New Windsor Fire Departments

New Flagpole and Monument Will be Ready
For Arbor Day Ceremonies Friday, April 27, 11 am

New Flagpole/Monument Base

Vail’s Gate and New Windsor Fire Departments came over to the New Windsor Town Hall and perked up the town’s Monument and Flag Pole by pouring a smooth base around it  as well as some plantings.  The American Flag is flying at half mast in honor of Newburgh Mayor, Judy Kennedy who passed away last Sunday.

Building and Grounds Foreman, Keith Bedetti  said he could not have asked for more from these guys who volunteered their time to help make the grounds beautiful.  Vail’s Gate donated their time and money and the New Windsor Fire Department donated money as well.

New Windsor monument and flag guys

They expect to finish up the flagpole area by Monday and have it ready for Friday’s Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day Ceremony

New Windsor will celebrate Arbor Day with a Ceremony honoring Veteran organizations as well as first responders with tree dedications.
New Windsor received a grant for $990 for 5 trees.  The grant was from the New York State Urban Forestry Council.  

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