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NFA Presents Ideas to City Council

Newburgh Free Academy Students Present Ideas to City Council

Students from Newburgh Free Academy, North Campus PTECH Excelsior Academy spoke to members of Newburgh’s City Council last week. Students presented the concept and plans for their inaugural Newburgh Youth Leadership Summit and Enlightenment Expo and sought a permit for part of the day. Students of all different ages will participate in the Newburgh Youth Summit on Saturday, May 19th at Newburgh Free Academy, Main Campus, which will be followed by an Enlightenment Expo on the same day. “All students have a voice. This event will give a stage for everyone in every grade to share their voice.” Iggy Salim, 12th grader, High School Coordinator for Newburgh Youth Leadership Summit

Elementary aged students will be guided through leadership activities for elementary students, facilitated by members of the Excelsior Academy senior class. Middle School students will have an opportunity to conduct quick presentations about a leadership idea or issue with a similar style as a science fair presentation—only this topic will be leadership.High School students will have an opportunity to conduct 5-10 minute TED style talks based on their leadership experience or ideas about leadership. Following the Youth Leadership Summit will be the Enlightenment Expo. Performances and presentations with the themes of Newburgh past, present, and future will be given during the Enlightenment Expo. The Enlightenment Expo is being headlined by performing artist, Decora.

The general theme of the event is student leadership in Newburgh. Students have been learning about historical events and figures of Newburgh and are looking forward to imbedding their knowledge throughout the day.

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