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NewYork Performing Arts Center 10 Years On Top

New York Performing Arts Center 10 Years On Top
By Toni Picone

Last weekend, Washingtonville’s New York Performing Arts Center (NYPAC) enjoyed its third year in a row winning the highest score at the Dance XPlosion Competition in Sparta, NJ. Excelling even more this year, NYPAC won the XCalibur Trophy in both the Rising Star and Xcellerated divisions. Its famous “Xtreme Kickline” won the top trophy for amazing high kicks in the Xcellerated division. It also won the “Radio City Ready” Special Judges Award. NYPAC will be marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Washingtonville in May and will be performing its top winning Kickline dance in the center of the village.

NYPAC’s second group to win the XCalibur Trophy was its Junior Company which performed a lyrical dance to “Stand In The Light,” with three lamp post props which they danced around and rolled across the stage to produce a very memorable dance for the audience. All together, NYPAC brought 68 numbers to this competition with dancers ranging from six to 18 years old winning 38 Platinum Medals and 30 XTreme Gold Medals. Nine dances received 1st Overalls in age division and six Special Judges Awards.

NYPAC recognizes the dedication and support of its dancers and dance families as without them, none of this would be possible. NYPAC congratulated its dancers and commended them on their hard work and performances. NYPAC owners and directors Jackie Knight and Cyara Clavell said, “These girls and boys set a goal for themselves, danced their hearts out, and are proof that if you work hard and fight for what you want, you can and will achieve your goal.”


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