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W’ville JROTC Awards Night

Washingtonville High School JROTC Awards Night

On Wednesday, 18 April 2018, the Washingtonville High School held their Annual Awards Night. The event started with the JROTC Distinguished Cadet Award for Academic Excellence being presented by the Washingtonville Central School District Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Roy Reese to Cadet Kyle Thompson for having a 98.5% academic average. This is Cadet Thompson’s third year in a row earning this medal. That was followed with other awards given by local and national organizations to the deserving cadets. The night ended with a drill demonstration for all of the family, friends, and guest. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Witte, the Cadet Battalion Commander, stated that, “This was the best Awards Night that I can remember. It is nice that the cadets get recognized for all the school and community support they give throughout the year. Our Army Instructors, LTC Moore and Chief Brickel, really motivate and drive the cadets to be better citizens, people” The cadets are now readying themselves for a trip our nation’s Capital, Washington DC, a charter fishing outing, and the annual summer camp at the New York Military Academy.
Here is the list of awards and recipients.
-JROTC Distinguished Cadet Award for Academic Excellence: Kyle Thompson
-JROTC Academic Excellence Award (1 for each LET Level): Cody Edward, Michael Brockway, Giovanni Gagliardo, and Anthony Witte
-JROTC Academic Achievement Award:Jason Brienza, Christine Calderin, Michael Carey, Bradley Clardy, John Coady, Marisela Colangelo, JhoasyCorcino, Nicolas Delbue, Shane Fuentecilla, Edward Gaines, Kyleigh Magurno, Eamon McAuliffe, Juliana Melendez, Princess Mfum, Nicholas Pelkey, Laney Rickli, Bianca Ring, Bret Siira, Angelica Tripodianos, Danielle Vincini, Deborah Wason and Timothy Wirth
-Principal’s Award:Tony Mantalli, Michael Brockway, Billy Pillsworth, and John Hastings
-Chief’s Scholarship Fund: John Hastings
-The Sons of the American Revolution Bronze ROTC Medal:Edward Gaines
-The Marine CORPS Recruiting Command Awards:Kenneth Fanning, Dilara Aslan, and Anthony Witte
-Daughters of the WAR of 1812 Award:Angelica Tripodianos
-Military Order of World Wars Award of Merit:Michael Foley and JhoasyCorcino
-Daughters of American Colonist:Alyssa Chamberlin
-Scottish Rite of Freemasonary, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Award:Christine Calderin
-The United States Army Recruiting Command Award:Shane Fuentecilla
-Assoc. of the United States Army Award (AUSA):Lucas Adames
-Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award:Kyle Thompson
-Reserve Officer Assoc. of the United States Award:Hunter Linnartz
-VFW Award (Sliver) for Military Excellence:Heidy Moncion
-VFW Award (Bronze) for Military Excellence:Anthony Marquez
-Military Order of the Purple Heart Leadership Award:Kyle Thompson
-National Sojourners Masonic Award:Angelica Tripodianos
-MOAA Award:Morgan Zan Zandt
-US Warrant Officers Assoc. Award:Edward Gaines, Michael Carey, Allusion Bland, and Gavan O’Brien
-Daughters of the American Revolution Award:Christine Calderin
-American Legion Award (For Leadership/Military Merit):Maria DeRosas
-American Legion Award (For Scholastic Merit):Eamon McAuliffe
-82nd Airborne Assoc. (for outstanding Color Guard):Alyssa Chamberlin
-101st Airborne Assoc. (for outstanding leadership):Dylan Ryan
-NCO Assoc. Award (For outstanding Performance):Bradley Clardy
-Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War:Cody Edwards
-HL Hunley JROTC Award (The Sons of Confederate Veterans):Jared Keene
-AMVETS Dept of NY Outstanding Cadet Award:Jade Jones
-The Order of Daedalians JROTC Achievement Award:Matthew Sheehan
-The Retired Enlisted Assoc. Award:MacKenzie Thompson
-The Jewish War Veterans Americanism and Patriotism Award:Anthony Witte, Billy Pillsworth, Robert Zoldak, Marisela Colangelo
-Special Forces Assoc. Award:Kevin Auguste
-American Military Retirees Association Award (LEAP):Deborah Wason
-Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States Award:Eamon McAuliffe and Corey McMahon
-Founders and Patriots of America Award:Giovanni Gagliardo
-Scottish American Military Society Award:Danielle Vincini
-Military Family Support Trust Award:Bridget Casey, Jared Jeene, Kyra Sullivan, and Alex Loiacono
-Superior Cadet Award:Alyssa Chamberlin, Bradley Clardy, Jade Jones, and Timothy Wirth
-Certificate of Achievement:Joseph Brennan, Brandon Breyette, Anthony Ciccone, Christopher Gonzalez, KylieghMagurno, Aislinn Ryan, Gavin Santos, and Bret Siira
-JROTC Commendation Medal:Jason Brienza, Katelyn Guilamo, Francisco Magarino, Ethan White, Jake Phillips, Bianca Ring, Edward Honan, Nicholas Pelkey, and Dylan Swift
-The Commandants Award For Courage: Jenna Saporito
-JROTC Award for Leadership: Bradley Clardy, Anthony Marquez, Matthew Sheehan and Kevin Auguste
-JROTC Award for Excellence: Allusion Band, Brandon Phillips, Kyra Sullivan and Robert Zoldak
-JROTC Award for Character: Laney Rickli, Jared Keene, Dylan West, Michael Libassi, Aiden McNally and Juliana Melendez
-AI Award of Excellence:Heidy Moncion, Gavan O’Brien and Princess Mfum
-AI Award of Distinguished Excellence: Dilara Aslan and Madison Cherry
-AI Award of Leadership: Eamon McAuliffe and MacKenzie Thompson
-AI Award of Superior Leadership: Kyle Thompson and Timothy Wirth
-ROTC Certificates (4 Year Scholarships): Anthony Witte (Penn State University – 4yrs); Gavan O’Brien (Rochester Institute of Technology – 4 yr); Timothy Wirth (St. Johns University – 4 yr)
-Officer, NCO and Cadet of the Year: Timothy Wirth, Bradley Clardy, and Alyssa Chamberlin
-AI / SAI Award: Dylan Ryan and Kyle Thompson


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