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Round Hill’s New Wing Public Tour

Round Hill’s New Wing Public Tour
By Eugenia Moskowitz

The new Mr. & Mrs. Denette Wing at Washingtonville’s Round Hill Elementary School was open to the public for a formal tour given by principal Steve Kiel at 6:00 p.m. on May 4, just prior to the school’s PTA movie night event.

Kiel showed parents the new addition of bright 10-foot wide hallways tiled and painted in light cream, and large airy classrooms illuminated by windows, energy-saving lighting, and automatic on/off water-saving facilities in each classroom which cuts down water-use as well as germ-spread. The cabinetry is sleek blond wood, the floors are a darker faux-wood, and each class is equipped with a large Promethean board. Every two classrooms share a common walk-through closet in which classroom learning materials can be neatly stored in bulk. The interior design style can best be described as “warm modern,” with clean lines and a light-wood color palette.

In use since just after winter break, the space overlooks the construction site where the old open-classroom wing used to be and where the new full-day kindergarten wing will soon be built. (The open-classroom cluster of classroom pods with semi-high walls around a central common area was a 1970’s educational idea that, while interesting at first glance, proved problematic with its shared and amplified sound distractions.) The heavy diggers and other machinery currently on-site is visible from the classroom windows, which have been keeping students fascinated and giving teachers real-time visuals for engineering and other STEM lessons.

To say the new wing is anything short of fabulous would be an understatement. It is a beautiful learning space. Construction of the district’s long anticipated and much welcomed full-day kindergarten wing will begin shortly, and the program will go into effect for students starting kindergarten in September of 2019.

CAPTION: Round Hill Elementary School principal Steve Kiel gave parents a tour of the school’s brand new Mr. & Mrs. Denette Wing on May 4. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

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