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Little Britain Active Military Breakfast Held

Little Britain Active Military Breakfast Held
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Every year near Memorial Day, Washingtonville’s Little Britain Elementary School holds an Active Military Breakfast to honor its current military families. It is done at this time, Principal Sagrario Rudecindo-O’Neill said, to also remember those lost. “We are here to thank you,” she told the families, “for defending our freedom of speech, whether we agree with each other or not, as well as our freedom of voting and religion. You have made that sacrifice, and we thank you.”

Many spouses could be seen wiping their eyes as service members remained stoic but visibly moved at this time of honor with their families. The school’s White Table was set up to remember those away on active duty overseas, and those forever lost, with each element of the table symbolizing an aspect of human response to the soldier who is absent.

The children sang a thank-you song, and when the music malfunctioned, under their music teacher’s flawless guidance they continued the song a cappella, singing directly to the families sitting before them. As the last note died away into silence, a loud round of applause came in response, thanking them back. And then breakfast was served.

CAPTION 1: The children sang…
CAPTION 2: …And the families listened. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

Little Britain 1

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