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Skateboard Park Opens in Newburgh Monday, May 28 at 2 pm

Skateboard Park Opens in Newburgh

The City of Newburgh will hold the Grand Opening ceremony for the new skateboard park on Monday, May 28 at 2:00 p.m. at Delano-Hitch Recreation Park, located at the corner of Washington Street and Lake Street. The event will take place rain or shine.
The half-acre concrete skateboard park includes several fun elements, including stairs and rails. Artist, designer, and local skateboarder Erica Enriquez has donated a “skateable” sculpture to the skateboard park, to be installed at a later date. States Enriquez, “Occupying the space between art object and utilitarian device, ‘Dunkin Club’ is a skateable sculpture that is inspired by the story of the Newburgh skateboarders who came together and made this park possible. As an artist, skateboarder, and Newburgh resident, it was my priority to create a work which pays homage to the unique history of skateboarding that lies within Newburgh, while simultaneously creating a form that will harness the individualized expression to which skateboarding is founded upon. In an effort to achieve this, I worked with local skaters to design a sculpture that reflects their love and dedication to the cultivation of community and creativity through skateboarding.”

The long-awaited City of Newburgh skateboard park project has endured many false starts. City of Newburgh resident and skateboard park supporter, Roxie Royal, stated, “I’m happy the project didn’t die. It took a long time to come to fruition. What a wonderful way to bring our youth, young adults and parents together. I’m pleased to see [the skateboard park] in my lifetime.”

With plenty of fun-seeking and talented skateboarders in Orange County, the new park should prove to be a hotspot for recreation and excitement this summer.

CAPTION: Set to open Monday, the skateboard park is sure to draw a crowd.

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