The Week In Review-The Weekend Ahead

Rides! Rides! Rides!
By Eugenia Moskowitz

The Washingtonville Knights of Columbus organization put on its annual carnival last weekend at Vern Allen Park in the village, where foods like funnel cakes, gyros, cotton candy, and other carnival treats were abundant, and rides were appropriate for toddlers to teens. The fair started Thursday night and ran until Monday evening. New this year were local advertisement boards affixed to fences bearing the names of all the places patrons in Washingtonville frequent, which lent a familiar and homey air to the traveling fair. The Knights did an excellent job with their choice of carnival proprietor this year, resulting in a wholesome and enjoyable experience for the children and good reviews from parents.

Rides 1


Rides 2

CAPTION 1: The fair as seen at dusk from the pickleball courts at Vern Allen Park. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)
CAPTION 2: The rides for teens and adults were dizzying, while the smaller kids’ rides, such as the burlap-sack fun-slide and the mini roller-coaster, kept the little ones happy.
CAPTION 3: The spinning cylinder in the fun-house gave this tween anti-gravity ideas.

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